Seatwork and Reading Assignment (December 3, 2009)

Create a wiki page for your group (This will help you get the hang of wiki notation)

  • Choose a group name. Put this on your group page name. Link the group page to the page Section IITS-1 or Section IITS-2.
  • Create a member's profile for each (one new wiki page for each member). Link the profiles to your group page

Install Drupal

  • Please wait for me regarding this. It seems our lab technician is on leave

Setup your Drupal development environment

  • Read on How to Setup your Development Environment
  • On the portion regarding Development tools, research on each tool and choose the tools for your group (browser and text editor/integrated development environment (IDE)). Per group, write your choices on the group wiki page and setup the tools individually on your machines.

Choose a Drupal theme for the class

  • The whole class will be working on one project, but on different modules. Choose a theme from the Drupal theme site via votation. I picked a name among you and Rap Gregorio will lead the votation. Each group should nominate one theme and the whole class will vote on one nominated themes. (For ITB322 IITS-2, the one who will lead the votation is Dixie Patawaran)

That is all! Thank you class and hopefully I'll see you later

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