Quiz (February 1, 2010)


Write a SQL statement to:
1. Show each Antiques order and the last and first names of the person who ordered the item.
2. Show each column in the EmployeeStatisticsTable in alphabetical order by Position, then by EmployeeIDNo.
3. Show the annual budget for Benefits from the EmployeeStatisticsTable.
4. Using the IN Operator, show the names of the owners of Chairs.
5. Show the names of all Antiques Owners who have do not have an order placed.
6. Show the names of those who have placed Antique orders, with no duplicates (Hint: consider the order of tables in the From clause).
7. Show all of Bob Smith's Antique orders (Hint: Bob's ID Number is 02).
8. Show an/all Antique order/s for a Rocking Chair for Jane Akins (Hint: Jane's ID Number is 21).
9. (Challenger) Show the annual budget for Salary by each position from the EmployeeStatisticsTable

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