Name: Mary Jubelle T. Mitra
Nickname: Jubelle

Interests: Reading Detective/Mystery books and manga, Watching Anime, Sleeping, Eating, Sketching

Favorite Music: J-pop, Anime theme songs, K-pop

Favorite Movie: Harry Potter, Twilight, Spiderwick, Princess Diaries, Barbie, Camp Rock, Princess Protection Program, Sherlock Holmes, 39 CLues, Race to Witch Mountain

Favorite Book: Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, Hercule Poirot, Dupin, Princess Diaries, Harry Potter

Favorite Quote: At a certain point in your life;
probably when too much of it has gone by;
you will open your eyes;
and see yourself for who you are;
especially for everything that made you so different;
from all the awful normals;
and you will say to yourself;
that "I am this person;"
and in that statement there will be a kind of love.

Favorite Food: Sweets, Fries, Burger

Favorite Places: Forests, Waterfalls, Mountains, Caves

Palces I want to visit: Japan, France, England, Prague

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