Business Requirements

Retail Management System

Retail businesses have a headquarters and a chain of stores reporting to headquarters. Basically a retail business purchases from wholesalers and sells directly to consumers.

Headquarters needs to have the following modules:

  • Advanced Security System
  • Customer Management and Marketing
  • Employee Management
  • Inventory Control/Tracking
  • Pricing/Sales/Promotions
  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales Tracking
  • Accounting Ledger
  • Reports Wizard
  • Budgeting

Each chain need to have the following modules:

  • Point of Sale Capabilities

University Enterprise System

A university enterprise system needs to have the the following modules:

  • Online Student Application (iTactics) - Basically should mirror an actual application form, facility to enter what requirements have been submitted, should be able to show the student and registrar what the lacking requirements are. Student should be able to view the following status: Processing, Pending (<Any Unsubmitted Requirement>), Taken Exam, Accepted to (<Degree Course>).
  • Online Student Registration (Soul Edge) - The student should be able to register selected subjects, if available; there should also be a facility where posting a course (subject) for exchange is done; after the first week, a student can still drop a course with full reimbursement of payment; each successive week subtracts 25% from the full payment to be reimbursed if the students drops
  • Student Information System/Alumni Tracking System (fourgig) - Be able to accept any changes on the information of the student; a student who graduates is tagged as an alumni; information regarding either students or alumni should be retrievable; alumni can apply for alumni ID online; if an ID is issued, alumni is tagged as subject to privileges of an alumni; a grade report can be retrieved
  • Employee Information System (farfaraway) - Be able to add and change information regarding employees, courses handled on a particular semester, and students being mentored.
  • Employee Accounting Information System (wewantuno) - Be able apply online for loans, be able to enter any accounting information regarding salary of employee, generate payslip reports
  • Student Payment Center (Sacrelicious) - Student will be able to pay via cash and post-dated checks to the cashier only, but can pay online via credit card, subject to bank approval (student will be parked PAID only when a corresponding approval from the bank is issued). Cash and check payments can be made on a semestral, bi-monthly or monthly basis. Student will be informed of any checks which have bounced, which will need to be settled within 3 days of receipt of notification.
  • University Messaging System (ExtraRice) - Any student/teacher/staff can send messages to a particular student/teacher/staff or even to a group of students/teachers/staff members. There should be a facility to indicate priority of messages and categorize them.
  • Grade Report Information System (Metaverse) - Retrieve transcript of records, enter grades in a particular semester, request of change of grade by student (to be approved and changed by teacher and department head) or direct change of grade by teacher (to be approved by department head)
  • Degree Course Management System (The I.Telligents) - Be able to add/update degree information as well as the courses required to complete the degree and the prerequisites of each subject as well as coordinate with the department handling a particular course. They are able to suggest course subjects to be offered for a particular semester subject to a minimum requirement of 10 students and the availability of an instructor for the particular course.
  • Department Information System (AnITpolo)- Be able to add/update department information as well as courses, research projects, clubs and activities being handled by the particular department. Reports regarding research projects, clubs and activities could be generated.
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